Our patients love Avalon Dental! See more reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google and Angie’s List. Here are just some of the wonderful things our patients have to say:

“Dr. B and his entire staff are amazing. I can’t say enough about all of them. It’s never easy trying to find a new dentist but finding Avalon Dental was a gem. Dr. B always keeps you informed as to what he is doing during the entire procedure. His staff is genuinely courteous and so helpful. I will always recommend Avalon Dental. Thanks for being the best! See you next month!!”
– Jeannie K

“I was referred to Avalon Dental by a friend and I sure am thankful! Avalon Dental really is all about their customers. I have been to several other dentist, looking for the right one and my search is over. The office is very warm and inviting. The staff is super friendly and makes you feel right at home. Dr Brochinsky is a mellow, friendly, all around great guy that makes you feel super comfortable and he definitely knows what he is doing. I don’t give 5 stars to many places. I don’t even bother writing reviews about many places. Trust me when I say once you come to Avalon Dental, you will never go anywhere else. :)”
– Shannon M

“You will not find a better dentist than Dr. B. Period. Everything about the words “Dr.” and “Dentist” changed when I went to him for the first time, now almost 9 years ago. Sine my first visit I have referred everyone that would listen. 30 or so happy referrals later, I’m still referring and my teeth have never looked or felt better. He’s not only a great Dentist but a great guy too. I actually look forward to my visits! Just go once and you will see what all of the reviewers here are talking about… Enjoy!”
– Ryan B

“I promised myself I would write a review about my experience because it was just that great but when I read the other reviews, all I want to say is “ditto”. The 5-star reviews captured pretty much everything so I won’t get fancy but I will say this:
*I am terrified of the dentist and hadn’t been in several (20) years.
*Office is very laid back and staff is super-cute and friendly. I can’t remember who took my first terrified phone call (that was motivated purely by several sleepless nights thinking about my teeth falling out of my head from years of neglect -_-) but she was wonderful and not judgy that I hadn’t seen a dentist in so long!
*Everyone explains everything they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how it works… but not in a clinical K9-incisors kind of way
*Dr. B says “cool” a lot when he is talking about teeth or work on teeth or improvement he sees as you go through your treatment plan. It made me feel like he was happy with the progress of my teeth. Yay!
*They have payment options and they review future charges with you. My husband has to have some work done that isn’t covered. When we made the appointment for the work, the staff explained that the work we were to be charged for is an option and that X would be the cost and here are all the ways you can pay for it.
*Since I started going in toward the end of December, I have seen the dentist 3 more times. I haven’t had to wait long for my next appointment and they have even called me a couple of times when there has been a cancellation to get me an earlier time or date.
I definitely recommend this office and everyone in it for all kinds of patients!”
– Kristina T

“Dr. B. is the best! I almost hate writing this review for fear that it will become difficult for me to get appointments! LOL! I’ve been seeing Dr. B. for at least 4 yrs. Can’t remember the first time I went, but I am so glad that someone recomended him to us. Prior to seeing Dr. B. I had seen a terrible dentist who made me never want to see another dentist ever! Anyway, Dr. B. is always up on the newest tech. advances and uses them to make your experience as painless and as cosmetically perfect as possible. Everyone in the office is always friendly and professional. The office is neat and tidy and a fairly relaxing environment…afteralll you know you are going to the dentist! All in all, the most important factor here is Dr. B. Seriously, he is the best dentist ever!”
– Laurie S

“Dr. B is as good as it gets!!! I am terrified of Dentists!!! I am talking ..I have to take a sedative before…but not with him..he is so sweet,caring and feel like you are with a friend…little kids, teenagers(my 17 yr old loves him) adults and seniors…he is truly the best~~!!”
– Tina W