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Tips for Getting the Most out of Invisalign

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Invisalign® is a revolutionary, nearly invisible, and comfortable custom-designed tooth alignment system that gives you a radiant, healthy smile in half the time and with none of the inconvenience of traditional, painful metal bracket-and-wire braces.

Though Invisalign works passively — gradually shifting the position of your teeth thanks to small variations in the progressive alignment trays — you can get more out of your treatment by adhering to a few simple recommendations. Dr. Cliff Broschinsky and our friendly staff at Avalon Dental provide the following tips so you can get the most out of your Invisalign system.

Wear the trays at least 20-22 hours a day

The clear, nearly invisible Invisalign alignment trays are custom-molded to fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth. The trays are also precisely shaped to follow the outline of your gums so that your smile looks natural, even as it’s being corrected.

The Invisalign lab creates minute changes in each successive over-the-teeth alignment tray so that your teeth gradually and gently move into more perfect and healthy alignment. To ensure that your teeth are subjected to the gentle forces of the Invisalign trays long enough to correct your alignment and bite, you should wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours, including while you sleep.

Worn for the recommended time, Invisalign trays correct a variety of alignment problems, including:

If you have a complicated case, such as teeth that haven’t fully descended or are overlapping other teeth, Dr. Broschinsky may recommend SmartForce® attachments. If your bite problem is simple, you may be a candidate for Invisalign Express, which speeds up your correction time. Invisalign is appropriate both for adult teeth and misaligned baby teeth.

Clean the trays regularly

To be sure the patented SmartTrack® material that your aligners are made of stays clear, nearly invisible, and free from yellow stains, you must clean the aligners every time you eat and at night, too. Take your aligner trays out before you eat, rinse them, and store them in a protective case. Gently brush and rinse them again after brushing your teeth, then re-insert the trays.

At night, take a few minutes to remove any potential yellowing stains and eliminate unpleasant odors by using the Invisalign cleaning system. Soak your aligner trays in cool water mixed with the special Invisalign cleaning crystals, which gently remove plaque and stains. After 15 minutes, remove the trays and rinse with warm water before you re-insert them at bedtime.

Protect your aligners

During meals and special events when you need to remove your Invisalign trays, rinse them and then store them in a protective case so they maintain their shape and aren’t damaged. The ventilated Invisalign aligner case features a textured liner to keep your trays from slipping inside the case. The slim, modern case comes in a black drawstring pouch.

Switch trays on time

During your initial consultation, Dr. Broschinsky not only captures 3D digital images of your current bite, but also maps out the plan to gently shift your teeth into more perfect alignment. The lab then creates a series of graduated trays that start at your baseline (where your teeth are now) and end with your fully corrected bite.

To get the best results, you must switch to the next aligner tray in your series regularly. Dr. Broschinsky lets you know whether you need to change your aligners every week or every two weeks.

If you think you or your teen might have difficulty remembering when you’re supposed to switch, Dr. Broschinsky recommends the Invisalign Teen® system, which features an indicator dot that turns blue when it’s time to use a new tray.

Check in with your dentist

You only need to check in with Dr. Broschinsky every six to eight weeks when you’re on the Invisalign system. During your checkup, he ensures that your trays are working well and makes any necessary adjustments. You also pick up your next batch of aligners so that your teeth continue to move into better alignment until your next visit.

At the start of your treatment, Dr. Broschinsky estimates how long you need to wear Invisalign. Most women, men, teens, and kids get a fully corrected bite within 18 months.

Get an Invisalign retainer

After your bite’s fully corrected, Dr. Broschinsky recommends maintaining your alignment with a Vivera® retainer. Vivera retainers are so clear that they’re nearly invisible, are custom-designed to fit your teeth snugly and comfortably, and are less liable to break or crack than other types of clear retainers. You only have to wear your retainer at night.

Start today

The sooner you start with the Invisalign system, the sooner you’ll have the healthy and attractive smile you deserve. Call us today for an Invisalign consultation at our San Ramon, California, office or use the online form to contact our team

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