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5 Super Cool Things About Invisalign That You Didn't Know

Invisalign, Dr. Cliff Broschinsky, San Ramon, California,

If you ask anyone who went through traditional braces whether they’d prefer an alternative that isn’t paved with messy and uncomfortable metal, we’re sure they would jump at the chance. In fact, more than 5 million people have already transformed their smiles with Invisalign®, including 1 million grateful teens.

Here at Avalon Dental, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques and products that give our patients in San Ramon, California, something to smile about. It’s for this reason that Dr. Cliff Broschinsky and his team offer Invisalign as a wonderful solution for straightening teeth.

The following are 6 super cool reasons why Invisalign is the choice of millions.

1. What braces?

We’re going to start with the most obvious benefit of Invisalign — they’re very hard to spot thanks to the clear aligners. The Invisalign aligners are custom manufactured to fit snugly over your teeth and up against your gums using patented materials that guide your teeth into place, but without the fanfare of metal brackets and wires.

2. A removable solution

Aside from their barely-there benefit, you can remove the aligners for eating and cleaning. This means that you won’t be stuck picking food out of your braces, or the messy aftermath once the braces are removed. While you’re using Invisalign, you simply pop the aligners out when you eat, and again when you clean your teeth. The ability to maintain your white teeth while you straighten them is a benefit that our patients rave about.

This removable benefit really shines when you have a big event or an important meeting. Even though the aligners are barely noticeable, you can still remove them for short periods when you’d feel more comfortable going au naturel.

We do ask that you keep your aligners in for 22 hours per day to stay on track.

3. Business as usual

Invisalign is able to correct the same problems that traditional braces remedy, including:

No matter what your alignment issue, odds are Invisalign can help.

4. Just as strong

Many people wonder whether you sacrifice straightening strength when you opt for Invisalign, and that’s simply not the case. Invisalign corrects most dental alignment issues in the same amount of time as braces do, and sometimes faster. With a normal treatment course, you swap out your aligners every two weeks. If you opt to swap them out every week, you can speed up the straightening process considerably, sometimes by as much as 50%.

As well, Invisalign has developed several patented materials that move your teeth more accurately and precisely. For example, the SmartTrack® material used in Invisalign anticipates the movement of your teeth and applies enough gentle pressure to make sure they stay on track.

5. An option for all

When we first introduced Invisalign, we noticed that a lot of our adult patients availed themselves of this technology in an effort to avoid the gawky, youthful look of braces. But Invisalign works just as well for teens. Life as a teen can be hard enough without adding a smile that looks like it’s under construction. With Invisalign, your child can keep teen angst to a minimum while correcting their teeth.

If you have more questions about our Invisalign system please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or you can use our online scheduling tool to set up a consultation.

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