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Dental Bonding: The Quick-and-Easy Way to Improve Your Smile

Do your tooth imperfections have you hiding your smile? Maybe you’ve considered getting a smile makeover, but you’re worried about any major treatments and the expense. At Avalon Dental, we have good news: Dental bonding offers an easy way to get a great smile fast!

As part of our comprehensive line of cosmetic dentistry services, our expert dentist, Dr. Cliff Broschinsky, uses dental bonding to solve a wide variety of tooth problems that ruin smiles for patients in San Ramon, California — including dental bonding! 

What is dental bonding?

Although it’s only a minor procedure, dental bonding can cover up multiple smile imperfections. Dr. Broschinsky uses a material called composite resin in a shade that matches your natural teeth to quickly and easily hide dental imperfections.  

This procedure is called bonding since the composite resin permanently bonds to your teeth. The resin looks like your natural tooth, so no one can tell the difference between a bonded tooth and the natural teeth around it.

How does dental bonding improve my smile?

The best part about dental bonding is that not only is it fast and easy, but it’s also versatile. In just a little time, dental bonding can correct one or more tooth imperfections. And, it rarely requires anesthesia! 

Take a moment to learn more about the many issues dental bonding can fix:


Your teeth can lose their white color for many reasons. For many people, consuming dark-colored or highly pigmented beverages (e.g. coffee, tea, red wine) discolors teeth. Other times, medications for high seasonal allergies, blood pressure, or even mental health disorders can change the color of your teeth. 

Getting older also contributes to dental discoloration since tooth enamel thins as you age. The good news is that dental bonding can give you white, brighter teeth in no time — even if you have deep stains that traditional whitening techniques can’t solve!

Cracks and Chips

Since it’s easy for anyone to do, Dr. Brochinsky is used to seeing minor chips or cracks in teeth. Simple things like sports collisions or biting down on hard food, biting the wrong way, or chewing on ice can cause a small chip or crack.  

Dental bonding can quickly and easily cover any chips and cracks you have so you can smile confidently again.  

Shape and gaps 

If a gap between your teeth embarrasses you, instead of braces, Dr. Brochinsky is often able to correct the problem with dental bonding. Dental bonding can also even out the shape or length of your teeth if one or more teeth have a different shape or length.  

Erase fillings  

Does seeing gray or black spots on your teeth when you smile make you cringe? Dr. Broschinsky can fill cavities with composite resin to give you an even, bright smile regardless of any fillings or dental work that may already be present.

What is dental bonding like?

Dental bonding is a minor procedure that rarely requires anesthesia, so there’s no need to worry about your visit to Avalon Dental. Dr. Brochinsky first evaluates your teeth and reviews your smile goals. 

He then consults a guide to select a shade of composite resin that matches your other teeth. The teeth being treated are roughened and coated with a special liquid to ensure the resin bonds well. 

Dr. Brochinsky then applies the resin and molds it to match the shape of your tooth or the desired shape for evenness. He uses a special light to harden the bonding material. It also helps the resin dry quickly. 

Finally, Dr. Brochinsky polishes the treated teeth to make sure they’re smooth and there aren’t any rough or sharp edges. You’ll be done quickly with a brand new smile!

For more information about how dental bonding can fix your smile, call Avalon Dental’s San Ramon office or book an appointment online now! 

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